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Blüm Coffee Garden offers the perfect space for your next event.  Contact our Event Coordinator to discuss the possibilities!




Here are some of the specifics:


-$150-$250 hour, price varies based on space desired, party size, etc.
-Rentals available July 5th - October 31st. (or weather depending)
- There will be a $75 fee charged to your card for every half hour that goes beyond the allotted time period.
-50% down payment and signed contract must be submitted prior to reservation date to guarantee reservation date. Remaining balance will be taken on the day of your reservation.


Available Rental Spaces
-Available outdoor rental space is approximately 2,000 square feet with a 50 person capacity. In addition to this space, we include an additional 800 square foot covered area within the greenhouse.
-The general public is not allowed in designated rental area(s).
-Bathrooms, recreational green space, and fenced-in playground are shared spaces.
-Some spaces are not available for rent. See your coordinator for specifics.

-Our rental space includes seven small tables with four chairs per table as well as a high table that seats 8, and a lounge area that seats four. Indoor greenhouse space includes seven tables with two chairs each. All other seating and tables must be provided by the rentee. Some additional seating may be accommodated if needed. See your coordinator for specifics.


Additional seating available: 40 foldable black chairs Additional tables available: 2, 8-foot white tables (need tablecloths), 2, 6-foot white tables (need tablecloths), 1, 6-foot round table (needs tablecloth)


Food & Beverage
-No alcoholic beverages are allowed to be carried on our premises at any time. Violators will be asked to leave and rental is subject to immediate cancellation without refund. Alcohol packages are available for purchase, as well as individual alcoholic drinks. Please see your coordinator for details.
-No smoking allowed on the premises.
-Food can be brought or catered in, but some restrictions do apply. See your coordinator for specifics.
-Rentee is responsible for all utensils, plates, and food storage and/or refrigeration.
-Group discounted coffee & bakery packages are available. See your coordinator for details.


-Absolutely no refunds for cancellations made within 3 days of agreed rental date.
-One rain date will be granted but must be determined more than 3 days leading up to the agreed rental date. Rain date is subject to availability.
-Rental time cannot be changed to earlier or later in the day than what was agreed upon due to staffing and hours of operation reasons.


Music/Noise Levels
-We kindly ask that you are courteous and considerate to our other guests by monitoring your noise level.
-All music as well as speakers and amplification must be approved by your coordinator.
-Live music is an option and can be discussed/approved by your coordinator.

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